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Most of the information contained inthese pages are collected by players and after long searches through the net and diferent forums. While these are nowhere near fully completed, i'll try to updated it as soon as I get new information.

If There ar people that have any questions, suggestions or have new info it sould be appreciated.
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What/who is this site for ?

Mainly evryone that needs info on cosmos.Where to find the agents, till what u need to deliver where. Use this guide with care though some stuff can ruin the fun of the puzzles behind it. If u wanna try anything yourself stick with the agent list and general info and you'll already go a long way.

Then why make it?

Many people get stuck on some missions ( especially me) either because they need hacking or archeolegy(sometime in later stages of a folow up mission)
or u have no clue whatsoever.
Many of the info is player based (u know someone that did the caldari once, but u are minmatar) or u check some eve sites but missin the pieces u need to know, so basicly all the info is scattered this is an attempt to get it all in one place.

What are COSMOS missions and why would I want to run them?

The COSMOS agents are storyline based for each of the four main races. The missions and payouts are similar to the storyline missions- you get from running each group of 15 standard missions. However, the agents also offer unique blueprints that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, they do give out +3 and +4 implants, faction/navy ammo, and also pre-built equipment. Some of the equipment can be quite valuable. There is a level 3 agent who hands out a pair of medium armor reppers that sell for about 75 million each, and there is another level 3 agent (Caldari, unfortunately) who gives out pre-built large armor reppers that sell for about 150 million each.

What do I need to run the missions? Don't I need Hacking and Archaelogy skills?

COSMOS missions are like any other missions. There are courier (hauling) and combat missions. I is recommended that you bring or buy the following:
- A hauler (industrial)- for courier missions you have to be in the hauler out in space when you accept the mission
- A fast frigate (some of courier runs are 1 m3 to low sec)
- Cruiser
- Battlecruiser if possible
- Guns and mods youâ€ôll need for hauling and doing combat missions
- Ammo and some mining lasers (yes, mining lasers)

It is possible to show up in the COSMOS area in a cruiser or BC, purchase an inexpensive hauler and frigate, and start running missions immediately. There is a complex that requires a cruiser (or HAC) or smaller-sized ship.
Hacking and archaelogy skills are used in the COSMOS complexes but not for the actual mission running.

How hard are the missions? Should I use a jump clone?

All of the missions are in high-sec space, so there's no worry about getting podkilled. However, be aware that the missions can be a bit tougher than their ratings. I would say that missions are approximately ½ a level higher than standard missions. In other words, a level 2 COSMOS mission is probably equal to an easy/medium level 3 standard FIO agent mission. Things only get sticky when you move up to level 3 and 4 COSMOS agents- sometimes the missions can be a bit of a surprise, just like the storyline missions you have probably run in the past.

OK, I am ready to go. Where are these agents?

The agents are not located at stations. They will be by the beacons you see in system, near jump gates, and at the entrances to complexes. There are also some hidden agents- you will need to scope these out since they offer some very nice rewards.
If you need anything like ammo you may have to travel a few jumps to get it, so be prepared.

How come such-and-such agent says I can't work for him?

The agents in COSMOS have a mix of backgrounds. If you check the info on a particular agent you can quickly find if you have the standings to work for him. For example, the FIO COSMOS agent named Onreun Coen will hand out jobs to people who have any sort of decent standings with FIO. The first agent to try is a Thukker level 1. However, when you have completed the mission runs with him and try to speak with the level 2 agent you will probably be denied. Remember all those Thukkers you popped running level 1 and 2 missions for FIO? There you go.

I still dont get it- my standings with the Gallentes are high, but I still cannot do work for such-and-such an agent.

You need to note the information about the agent you are talking to. Your standings with that agent and his/her corp are what determine your ability to do work for them. As an example, I did work for Wyrkomi awhile back, so I was able to do work for the two Wyrkomi agents, even though they are Caldari and the Caldaris cannot stand me.
Yor ability to do work is mainly based on your standings with the agents corp, and only partly based on your faction standings.

I need to get XYZ faction widget to complete the mission. Wha?

An important rule of thumb for COSMOS missions is to get the item you need before you accept the mission. In other words, speak to the agent about a job (but don't accept or reject it, just close the window), read the details, go get the mission loot, then speak with the agent again and accept the mission. Many of the COSMOS missions are puzzles, and if you cannot figure out the puzzle in time you may miss out on a great bonus.
There are some items, such as the Threaded Waypoint Map that one of the hidden agents asks for, that can only be found deep inside a complex. However, you can buy the item and then bring it to the agent after you accept the mission.
Some of the missions are straight-up deadspace or courier missions, so you'll need to accept first and then run the mission.

I cannot complete a mission, or the time has run out on an open mission. What do I do?

See the item above- get what you need first, then accept the mission. If you cancel a COSMOS mission, you will not get any more missions from that agent. So, if you are working on the first part of a 5-party storyline mission series and have to tell that agent that you cannot finish, you will not get the other 4 parts and the agent will not speak with you again. Please note that you only get a standings increase after you complete all of the parts of a multi-part mission.
One very important thing to note is that multi-part storyline mission sets will automatically give you the next step of the storyline. After completing the first mission, you will automatically be assigned the second step, and you will have a week to complete it.
Keep an eye on your journal so you dont miss out on anything.

You said something about puzzles. I love /I hate puzzles.

Some of the storyline missions take a bit of puzzling to solve. Part of the attraction of COSMOS is that you aren't simply shooting npc's or running the same missions over and over. If you love puzzles you will have a great time, if you hate them it might be wise to stick with regular mission running.

So I ran a mission or two and my standings dropped with Gallente. What is up with that?

The COSMOS agents are from all different groups, so if a Thukker COSMOS agent asks you to pop some FON ships, you are going to take a small standings hit. However, be patient, as the standings increases you will gain from the level 2 and 3 COSMOS agents are tremendous.

What the heck is a FON?

Friends of Nature. They dish out kinetic and thermal damage and are weak to kinetic. Think Serpentis Tree Huggers
They are friends of Gallentes also, so you'll take a small sec hit when you pop them. They only appear in the lower-level missions.

I ran some missions and now I have all these blueprint copies- how the heck do I get them manufactured?

Each of the blueprints you get requires some specialized skills and also unique building components. We have one person from DPS who is in training to produce the items from your blueprints. We will need to run a complex as a group to gather the necessary building blocks for the items. Our builder is also trained with the Hacking skill, so he will be able to open the cargo cans that contain the specialized building materials you need.
Once we've acquired the building materials, you simply hand your BPC and the materials you have to the corp builder, who will produce the item for you. The standard trade on a 3-run BPC is two of the produced items for you, 1 of the items for the person who built them.
Some of these items can be worth quite a bit of ISK. If you are interested in getting the manufacturing ability you will have to find the hidden agent in the Deltole system and run missions for him. After 3 missions you will be given the Yan Jung skillboook and also a passcard to the Yan Jung ruins, which is the location for the building materials.

Um, the Gallente COSMOS system is like 1/10 they size of Minmatar and Caldari. What gives?

It seems that the devs, in their typical Gallente-bashing style, gimped the Gallente COSMOS system. However, there are some rare and unique items that you can only get from running Gallente COSMOS missions. Also, you will get implants, ISK, lots of faction/navy ammo, and best of all, a big faction standings increase with the Gallentes.



Dev log

V 2.0 :
*new layout and design
*added caldari lvl 3 missions

V 1.0:
*all info added on to me ugly site
*made links and stuff ( at least i think i did)


Thx for all the people that gave me information. this includes
* zaphod Bee
*Vish'ne Echs
*many many more