the amarr race

The largest of the five main empires, the Amarr Empire is a sprawling patch-work of feudal-like provinces held together by the might of the emperor. Religion has always played a big part in Amarrian politics and the Amarrians believe they are the rightful masters of the world, souring their relations with their neighbours. Another source of ill-feelings on part of the other empires is the fact that the Amarrians embrace slavery.

cosmos area

The Amarrian COSMOS constellation is Araz, located in Kador region. The associated systems are: Aphi, Chanoun, Garisas, Jakori, Koona, Munory, Nidupad, and Zimse.


this is a general requirement for your ship more info check link at the bottom.

  • Ship capable of recieving EM and Thermal damage
  • Offensive plan capable of taking on high speed frigates through slow lumbering battleships
  • Afterburner of MWD for time/life saving situations
  • Sensor Booster for the quicker target and kill
  • Tractor Beam to spend looting time on other missions

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